Suboxone Treatment Tucson, Arizona

George Hadeed, MD is licensed to prescribe Suboxone in Tucson, Arizona for the treatment of Opioid / Opiate Use Disorder.

Suboxone is a combination of two medications: buprenorphine and naloxone. Buprenorphine is the active ingredient that helps fight cravings and prevent withdrawals. It is also has less side effects compared to other medications used to treat opiate addictions such as methadone. Naloxone is a medication used to reverse opiate overdose. It is combined with buprenorphine to help prevent misuse of suboxone.

Prior to starting suboxone, it is important to get a history regarding the patterns of opiate use, underlying psychiatric and medical factors, as well as past attempts at substance abuse treatment. Suboxone is initiated or “induced” when the patient is in moderate withdrawal from an opiate, the target dose is determined by how effectively each dose reduces withdrawal and craving symptoms. This will typically end up being the maintenance dose going forward.

Because suboxone is a controlled substance and under strict regulation by the Drug Enforcement Agency, there are several requirements for patients taking suboxone. Firstly, there will be no early refills under any circumstances. Secondly, continued treatment with suboxone will require frequent urine drug testing to monitor for ongoing drug abuse. Thirdly, in order to continue suboxone, the patient must be enrolled in some form of therapy/counseling for substance abuse.

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