Online Volunteering

I have compiled a list of online volunteering opportunities that allow you to connect with individuals and organizations who may need your help. I am not making any endorsements for one organization or another.

United Nations Volunteering: The UN offers multiple opportunities for individuals to contribute to efforts around the world. Types of volunteerism include COVID 19 response, translation, art and design, writing and editing, outreach and advocacy, project development and management, research, technology development, administration, teaching and training, community organizing, and event coordination. Catchafire matches professionals who want to donate their time with nonprofits who need their skills. Similar to the UN, they have opportunities involving business strategy, data and analytics, design and media, finance, human resources, management, marketing, and software and IT.

Translators Without Borders: For those who are fluent in other languages, Translators Without Borders offers opportunities to translate medical texts and crisis response information to other languages.

Zooniverse: Zooniverse gives people of all ages and backgrounds the chance to participate in real research with over 50 active online citizen science projects. You don’t need any specialised background, training, or expertise to participate in any Zooniverse projects. Anyone can contribute to real academic research, on their own computer, at their own convenience.

Upchieve: UPchieve is a free, online platform that connects low-income high school students in the US with live, volunteer coaches any time they need it.

HireHeroesUSA: Volunteer your time to help with mock interviews or career counseling for veterans and military spouses. 

7cups: Provide emotional support to individuals who are struggling. Offers free active listening courses as part of volunteering. 

Warm Up America: Volunteer your time by crochet and knitting blankets for those in need.

Smithsonian Digital Volunteer: Help the Smithsonian Institute make historical documents more accessible.