Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What insurance do you take?
Answer: I am in network with Aetna, AmBetter, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Cigna, Humana, United Healthcare/Optum.

Question: What insurance do you not take?
Answer: I do not take Medicare, ACCCHS (Medicaid), or Tricare.

Question: It says you are in network with Medicare, ACCCHS (Medicaid) and Tricare when I search you online.
Answer: I am credentialed with these insurers for inpatient treatment only. I am not credentialed for outpatient treatment with Medicare, ACCCHS, or Tricare.

Question: Do you see children and adolescents?
Answer: No, I can only see patients age 17 and up.

Question: Do you do disability evaluations?
Answer: No, I do not do disability evaluations.

Question: Will you write letters for Emotional Support Animals?
Answer: No, I will not write ESA letters.

Question: Will you do fitness for duty evaluations?
Answer: No, I do not do fitness for duty evaluations.

Question: My lawyer is requesting a psychiatric evaluation, can you do that?
Answer: No, I will not schedule any evaluations for individuals who are currently or expected to be in legal proceedings. You will need to see a forensic psychiatrist.

Question: Will you do a one time psychiatric evaluation?
Answer: No, I do not do second opinions or one time evaluations.

Question: Another person prescribed me medications, will you continue those?
Answer: Generally speaking yes. However, if they are controlled substances I will perform my own assessment to determine if treatment with those medications is reasonable. Just because someone else prescribed you those medications does not mean I will continue them.

Question: Do you do drug screens?
Answer: Yes, anyone who I suspect is abusing substances or is on a controlled substance will be drug tested.

Question: Should I bring any old records with me?
Answer: Please bring any information that may be relevant to your care, including old records, lab results, neuropsychological testing, discharge summaries, medication lists.

Question: What should I expect at my first appointment?
Answer: Expect to spend at least an hour, perhaps 1.5 hours with me. I will spend quite a bit of time depending on the nature of the visit. Subsequent visits will be roughly 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the patient.

Question: Can I do my initial evaluation through telepsychiatry?
Answer: No, I must see you in person for the initial visit. Not everyone will be eligible to be seen through telepsychiatry.

Question: I already have a therapist, can I still see you?
Answer: Yes, of course though I may still engage you in supportive therapy however if needed.